Aug 28, 2012

Have you checked out our range of World Beers…?

Due to the huge interest we’ve been receiving about our new selection of world beers, I’ve decided to do an introductory blog over the next week or two, giving you all a little insight into info like their origin and most importantly their taste.

Today’s choice….

Galway Hooker Beer

Galway Hooker beer is a pale Irish lager that originates from a craft brewery set up in back in 2006 in (yes you guessed it) the west of Ireland. Every batch is handcrafted, to ensure that the perfect balance of malt sugars and hop flavours are extracted into the beer. Founders Ronan and Aidan ‘consider beer to be like any other food: the fresher and less processed the better’ – all their beers are unpasteurised and free from chemicals and preservatives. The beer then spends a minimum of six weeks in fermentation and conditioning (due to the lack of chemicals and preservatives) before it’s ready to filter and package. Unlike other beers they use nothing more then 4 basic ingredients – malt, hops, yeast and water.

Brewer’s Tasting Notes:
The beer initially greets the palate with a balanced burst of tangy bitterness and understated biscuity flavours which perfectly compliment the floral aroma and citrusy, dry finish.’



‘Galway Hooker is our attempt to celebrate diversity, individuality and creativity.’ (




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