Every Day we serve a huge variety of Spanish Sytle Tapas.

Tapas are snacks, canapés or finger food that originated in Spain and they come in many different forms. But, I hear you say ‘what are they?’

Tapas can be practically anything from saute mushrooms on toasted ciabatta, to marinated olives, or grilled chicken on long toothpicks with satay sauce, to piping hot meats with sauce served in a miniature clay dish – or anything in between.

At Aubars we serve Tapas daily from 4-10pm.

And in order to make the whole offering more tailored to the irish palate, we also serve our A La Carte Menu alongside the tapas menu.  The whole menu offeres something for everybody.  It’s the ideal way to enjoy an informal night out whether you are with a group and celebrating a birthday party or looking for an alternative to the humdrum of a 3 course dinner.  Of course, you cant have Tapas without cocktails !..  so enjoy some of our award winning €5 cocktails from Sex on the Beach to Daiquiri’s and Mojitos.

Tapas Menus – and tapas group menu – click below here